Our Story

The streaming industry has taken the world by storm. With new breath-taking talents emerging what feels like on the daily, the industry’s exponential growth has left a huge mark on society. From eSports arenas, to world cups with astounding cash prizes, it is going to be on the “dream jobs” list for many children of the future. However, with a child’s budget, sometimes a professional look and feel for a stream isn’t feasible. Enter StreamShift!

Driven by a passion for gaming and eSports, StreamShift’s founders pumped THOUSANDS of unpaid hours of development into generating this website where those with any budget can create professional standard stream assets for their Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, etc. streams. Customise your colors, logos and more to create the look and feel before you begin your journey that can possibly take you to the top of the world!

We hope you can make use of these assets and that they help you create a great cosmetic experience for your stream. Thanks for using StreamShift.

- StreamShift,