5+ Top Custom Alerts for Facebook Gaming Streamers (UPDATED January 2021)

ShapeShift Event Alerts

ShapeShift Event Alerts image

Amazing animated event notification widget for multi purposes. Perhaps you want to run a series of thankyous at the end of your stream. Perhaps you want to use this stream widget as an overlay along with your stream to thank viewers for their donations. We'll leave that to you.

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Scrolling Events

Scrolling Events image

Add a unique goal widget to your stream with Scrolling goals to visualize your event list. All you need to do is add it to your streamlabs scene, and it will automatically update!

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Stamp Animated Alerts

Stamp Animated Alerts image

A simple, yet trendy way to display your alerts on your stream in a non-invasive manner. With compatibility across YouTube, Facebook and Twitch, Stamp Alerts gives you the freedom to customize all aspects of the alert including color, font, icons and more. You can even rotate the overlay so that it's not always straight!

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Split Animated Alerts

Split Animated Alerts image

Add a simple animated popup to your stream with Split Alerts to reward your viewers for subs, donations, raids and more! The alert includes customizing your supporters colors so that you can maintain consistency with the rest of your stream assets.

With one-click install, you can set up these overlays in StreamElements extremely quickly.

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CyberHUD Bundle

CyberHUD Bundle image

Have you been streaming Cyberpunk 2077? Then this overlay pack is for you! This well rounded bundle has everything you need, and it's fully customizable with it's colors, sizing, text variables and more!

Included in the bundle is 2x CyberHUDs, 2x borders and separators to use for multiple purposes. Enjoy!

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