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How to Easily Create a Logo For Your Twitch Channel

Twitch was already a major platform a few years back. But it’s even bigger now, with more than 9.5 million active streamers as of February 2021.

With the pandemic, the whole world is going digital faster than ever, and this trend is only going to keep accelerating. This means potentially more earnings on Twitch and a wider audience to reach--but also much more competition

To stand out from the sea of streamers out there, you’ll need good branding. A key component of this is, unsurprisingly, is your stream and channel graphics. These can be the difference between a potential viewer ignoring your channel or getting drawn in and watching your stream.

One of the most important is your logo. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a Twitch logo, complete with a step-by-step tutorial and design tips. .

What is a Twitch Logo?

Your Twitch logo is at the heart of your branding as a streamer. When people see it, they should be able to automatically associate it with your channel. You’ll reuse it over and over in your graphics, whether inside or outside Twitch.

Your logo can be incorporated in any of these essential Twitch graphics:

Beyond Twitch, you’ll also be using your logo on your official social media accounts--and pretty much any future marketing efforts. If you opt to make your logo your Twitch avatar, it’ll even show up too on websites that track Twitch stats such as TwitchTracker

The Importance of Branding

Your Twitch logo represents your channel, which is why it’s worth putting more thought into coming up with a good design.

Twitch can be incredibly competitive. Growing your subscribers and gaining traction can be challenging, especially with so many other streamers vying for the audience’s attention. Having a distinctive logo will strengthen your
branding on Twitch and make you look more professional, which can encourage more people to follow your stream.

As an example, many Twitch pages only show a list of streamers’ names along with their logos. People will make snap judgments about you based on your logo, and they’re more likely to notice well-made logos with personality.

What Makes a Good Twitch Logo?

Logo design isn’t only about the aesthetics. A good Twitch logo would check off all of the following:

  • Expresses your branding - Your logo might very well determine people’s first impression of your stream, so it should accurately convey what kind of streamer you are.
  • Consistent with the rest of your design - Does your logo match the overall tone and design of your channel, and is it in sync with other graphics such as your banner and cover image?
  • Eye-catching - Ultimately, good logos are striking and easy to remember. Even when surrounded by other graphics, a logo should be able to capture people’s attention right away.
  • Versatile - You’ll be incorporating your logo in various graphics, including outside of Twitch. Your audience will also be looking at it on different devices such as phones and PCs.

Types of Logos

Before jumping into making a logo, it’s helpful to decide first on the kind of logo that you want. There are four major types of logos that we’ve found all over Twitch:

Text Logos

A text logo is the easiest to design because you’ll be basing it on your Twitch channel’s name. While you can incorporate the entire name into the logo, it’s more common to go for an abbreviation of one up to a few letters.

The benefit of this logotype is that it’s simple and classic--and there won’t be any confusion among your viewers about what your logo represents. On the other hand, you’ll have to put more attention into the visual details to make your logo distinctive. There’s also a higher risk of other streamers coming up with similar logos, especially if they use the same letters as you.

Example: Sotus’s logo uses a minimalist neutral color palette. The letter “S"is given some flair with subtle blue highlights at the edges and a break in the middle that looks edgy.


Mascot Logos

Mascot logos are the most common type of logos that you’ll see on Twitch profile photos. These logos show an illustrated character, and art styles can vary from streamer to streamer. Some Twitch streamers use anime-style characters or base the look on existing game characters, while others create vector illustrations from scratch.

Mascot logos can feel the most natural because viewers can easily associate them with you, and they’re also more personal and easier to remember. On the other hand, you’ll need several variations of it for your graphics, unlike text logos that you can quickly include as is.

Example: Ninja’s logo is one of the most prominent mascot Twitch logos around. The mascot is quickly identifiable as a ninja, and it’s versatile enough that he can reuse it in his channel’s other graphics.


Symbol Logos

Although symbol logos are used frequently by businesses, actually the rarest logo type on Twitch. A symbol logo consists of a simple image or icon without any words on it. Usually, it’s either a play on the brand’s name or it hints at what the brand does. Some well-known examples would be Apple, Discord, and Instagram.

Still, there are several popular Twitch channels that use symbol logos. One advantage of symbol logos is that they automatically stand out. They can also be more striking for people compared to text logos because the brain processes images much faster and at a more instinctual level than text.

Example: This is a clever logo from Lvndmark. Aside from being a play on his channel name, the triangle surrounding the mountains in the logo also resembles an inverted letter “V."


Combination Logos

For a logo that communicates a clear message, you can look into creating a combination logo. These logos incorporate both text and graphics. You get the benefit of both worlds--there’s a catchy image that can capture people’s attention right away, and it’s complemented by text that specifies your channel name.

With a combination logo, you won’t have to worry as much about other streamers having similar logos. However, it can take longer to design because you’ll be including more elements. You’ll also have to take care so your logo doesn’t get cluttered.

Example: Sapnap’s logo could do great with only the image of the fireball alone, but he makes the branding even more distinct by including his channel name in the logo.


Options for Creating a Twitch Logo

Once you have an idea of the kind of logo that you want, you can now move on to the fun part--generating your Twitch logo! There are generally three ways that you can do this:

If you’re comfortable with designing, you can go the DIY route. While it’s more time-consuming, you’ll also have greater creative freedom as long as you’re proficient in the software.

On the other hand, you might want to look at alternative methods if you don’t have much experience with design. This is your Twitch logo, after all--it’s going to be a prominent part of your branding, and ideally it’d look sleek and professional.

There are plenty of designers out there that specialize in logos or Twitch graphics. For quick responses, you can browse through Fiverr, where freelance designers offer Twitch logos that range from $10 to $50.

Still, in terms of both time and money, the most convenient option would be to use an online logo generator. These provide you with a wide choice of templates, which you can customize in as short as five minutes--avatars included. This way, you can craft your logo the way you want it without too much effort

Tutorial: Creating Your Twitch Logo on PlaceIt

One of the most well-known logo generators out there would be PlaceIt. Aside from Twitch logos, you can create all kinds of graphics here, including animated logos, Youtube thumbnails, and online store mockups.

Both free and paid templates are available. You can download free templates right away. For paid templates, you can either purchase a single template at around $39.95 or get unlimited access to all templates with a subscription ($14.95 / month or $89.69 / year).

Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can create your Twitch logo on PlaceIt:

1. Go to PlaceIt.

2. You can opt to make an account, but you can also go straight to browsing Twitch logo templates. Click “Gaming"on the menu at the top of the page, then select “Logos."PlaceIt has more than 4,500 Twitch logo templates, so you’re bound to find a template that’s a good fit for your channel.

For free templates only, you can go to this filtered page instead.

3. While browsing templates, you can see what your channel name looks like on all of them by entering your channel name at the top then clicking “Apply."

From here, you can simply click on any template that you like to customize it.

4. You’ll be taken to PlaceIt’s template customizer. You can modify pretty much every component of the template, including the color palette, fonts, text, and even the avatar.

5. Once you’re done, you can either save the logo as a draft or download it. When you download it, you’ll receive it as a high-resolution PNG with dimensions of 4000x4000 px.

You can then upload your Twitch logo to your channel or incorporate it into other graphics.

Design Tips


With all of the possible Twitch logo designs out there, brainstorming on possible designs can be overwhelming. Here are a couple of design tips that might be helpful:

Look around for inspiration

Consider checking out logos by other Twitch streamers to get your imagination going. Specifically, look at the channels that your target audience is viewing--do their logos have a similar style?

Aside from tailoring your logo to your audience, you can also examine your own preferences. Which logos look great to you, and which ones do you dislike? This can get you to narrow down your design ideas quickly.

Write down what you want to communicate

Regardless of where you’ll be using your logo, you’ll benefit from writing down the message that you want your Twitch logo to convey. You can then be more selective with the colors and fonts in your logo.

Each color combination conveys a specific mood, so you can experiment beforehand with color palette generators such as Coolors or Colormind. Keep in mind too that a Twitch logo can range in style, from aggressive or minimalist to cute or funky.


When it comes to graphics for your Twitch channel, your logo is often the first one that you’ll need to create--and all other graphics should align with it. Your Twitch logo is the face or symbol of your channel, so coming up with a memorable, visually appealing logo is essential to good branding

Whether you’re creating your logo yourself or working with a designer, it would ideally be here to stay as your channel grows. From your Twitch banner and avatar to future marketing campaigns, your logo will be a constant. .

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