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How To Improve Your Twitch Offline Page

The streaming community is widespread across all corners of the globe. We can almost certainly predict that you have come across someone’s stream that is offline due to the difference in time zone. If this was your stream, would you want someone to press the back button and leave? Or would you prefer to catch the viewers eye with enticing clips and visuals to win that follow? We already know the answer… This post will succinctly assist you in creating a channel that will be hard to leave. Read on!

With the recent updates to Twitch, we now see a clear indication when channels are offline. Let’s use NickEh30 as an example and break the page down.

nickeh30 offline landing page on twitch

Customise your images

The first step is to customise your banner and logo. In the above example, the banner is the red image that you can see in the background and the logo is in the middle-left section of the screen. Ensure this image suits your brand. Read more about your brand in this blog post. Where do you customise your settings? Click on the little icon in the top right corner of the twitch user interface and select settings. The "Channel and Videos" tab will be THE go-to location for customisation of your landing page.

Recent Broadcasts & Home Tab

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You may have noticed the 5 tabs at the bottom of NickEh30’s stream. On the home tab we see recent broadcasts. To enable this, tick "store past broadcasts" and "enable clips" in the settings.

About Tab

Add a short description for yourself in the "bio" section and also be sure to include your "social links" in the relevant section. A great way to write you bio is to briefly introduce yourself and the content you stream. You can also add your streaming schedule.

It is also worthwhile investing in some custom panels. Or you can get some custom, basic and free twitch panels here. You can also find plenty of extensions to add alongside your panels for free using the Twitch Extension Manager

Schedule & Videos

It is important for you to input your schedule in the settings (if you have one) so your viewers know when to catch you. Many viewers stop interacting with streamers because it is too hard to find them live with crazy and fluctuating times of streaming. Not many streamers can get away with this unless you are a Tfue, Ninja or my personal favourite, xQc.

In terms of the videos section, allow people to clip your videos and don’t delete them, as you will find that these clips are an effortless way to show stream highlights and what your stream content is like.

Last but not least

Don’t forget the old twitch banner images are still required for your offline chat. It is worthwhile designing and uploading one using the settings location we have spoke of.

Thank you for stopping by!

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