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How To Earn Channel Points on Twitch in 2021

What are Channel Points on Twitch

Channel Points are a recent addition to the ever-growing suite of Twitch Features. These points are available on channels of Twitch Affiliates and Partners and intend to incentivize consistent viewers and increase the interaction between the two. Viewers also get a taste of what it is like to be a subscriber, without having to pay any money.

Channel Points can be customized in the settings section of Twitch. The Streamer can customize the name of their points (for example, coins, dollars, etc.), color, icon and what redemptions earn. To get some great ideas for channel points, read our post on 50+ Twitch Channel Point Ideas.

channel pointschannel points

If you are wondering how to earn points, the following methods are ways of earning points:

  • Watching Streams - +10 Points Per 5 minutes of watch time
  • Active Watching - +50 Points Per 15 minutes of watch time
  • Participating In Raids - +250 Points for joining
  • Follow - +300 Points Upon a Follow. This can only be earned once
  • Watch Streak – 2 consecutive days earns 300 points. Than 350, 400, 450 for consecutive views
  • 1st Cheer – +350 Channel Points
  • 2st Sub Gift - +500 Channel Points

Subscribers get multipliers on all these channel points:

  • Tier 1 Sub – 1.2x Multiplier for watching
  • Tier 2 – 1.4x multiplier for watching
  • Tier 3 – 2x multiplier for watching

  • How Do I Redeem Points and View My Balance?

    You can see how many Channel points you have earned in the bottom of your chat. You can also redeem these points by clicking on the parcel-looking image, also at the bottom of the chat. You then can select your reward if you have enough points. Otherwise… Keep watching the stream to earn some more!

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